Why Fear Won’t Stop Me | Lessons From Mom Pyramids | Egypt

Most people think there are only three perfect pyramids that have survived since ancient times.

On my recent trip to Egypt, I visited one that’s lesser-known. It’s actually the very first smooth-sided one ever built.  

Something else that sets this pyramid apart? It’s red(-ish)!

The Red Pyramid (made of limestone with a red tint) resides in Cairo, while the three more famous pyramids are in Giza.

It was an incredible experience exploring the inside of a pyramid myself. But what made it even more memorable was the fact that my mother joined me.

And she did not shy away from the adventure either.

The guide kept telling her that she can’t go into the Red Pyramid – which is 341 feet high –because it will be too hard to navigate. Why? Likely her age. She doesn’t look it, but she’s 76.  

I’m sure he was concerned for her safety.

But here’s the thing about my mother: she is very brave. She has the mentality that in life, when somebody tells you that you can’t do something, you have to do it if you believe that you can.  


I am proud to say that I get that “I can” mindset from her. This is truly why I am who I am. She raised me to have this unstoppable can-do attitude.

Entrepreneurs can do whatever they set their minds to, once they start believing they can do it.

That’s why I believe it’s vital for entrepreneurs to have self-confidence. 

The best way to gain that confidence is by mastering the art of articulation.

When you’re articulate in every mode of communication for your business, you’ll be able to reach prospective clients and customers in their language and open up a world of opportunities.

I’m Didi Wong, and I invite you to study the Art Of Articulation.

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