Why Alex Trebek is NOT an entrepreneur, but you COULD BE.

Why Alex Trebek is NOT an entrepreneur, but you COULD BE.

Why you MIGHT make a great entrepreneur OR a game show host.

As I was curled up on my couch watching Jeopardy recently, I started thinking about its host Alex Trebek. We all love Alex Trebek. He has been so loyal to Jeopardy, and he’s been on the ABC payroll for years. He is a very well-respected man. He is a very intellectual man. But he is NOT an entrepreneur.

This is in no way a putdown. But think about it, he has freedom – freedom of time and freedom of money – because he has a corporate TV job that he works solely for maybe two hours a day. He goes in, he films it, he films two episodes and he’s done.

Some people are natural-born entrepreneurs.

If you find yourself having that inkling in your head or your heart that’s telling you, you know what? I really am not the clocking-in, clocking-out type of person, then you may exhibit the spirit of an entrepreneur.

You might have what it takes to become an entrepreneur if you can see yourself being diligent, motivated, and ambitious every single day. You know how to organize your time and still be able to have fun in life.

Most people who are in corporate jobs peak at probably at 500K, at the very highest, being a CEO of a company. But if you are an entrepreneur, you want way more than that. You want to be a multimillionaire. You want to have multiple passive income. With that mindset, being an entrepreneur is the right choice for you.

Let me help you start on your journey to becoming an entrepreneur: the owner and CEO of your own business.

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