My Adventure in Egypt Different Cultural Perspectives Part 3

My Adventure in Egypt Different Cultural Perspectives Part 3

The difference in our cultural perspectives

Traveling in Egypt Alone Part 3

During my recent trip to Egypt, I was invited into an authentic Egyptian family who is Muslim. The family prays five times a day. They have set times to pray.

I asked them to teach me how to pray. It was so amazing that experience in just two hours I got with such an authentic Egyptian Muslim family that I was just like, wow, I can’t thank him more, and for that one experience that I would never have had.

In my upcoming video, which you will soon see, I interviewed the Egyptian women in the home I was blessed to visit.

I asked them why do they choose to cover themselves up?

Because in America we see women in skimpy bikini shots and butt hanging all out in music videos and other media. There is such an extreme difference.

They told me that they choose to do this every single day of their life.

They choose to be in a hijab.

There are two types of women who either cover themselves up completely and only show their eyes; that’s the very traditional Muslim woman, the Egyptian woman.

One of the sisters choose to not cover herself up and just show her face. She has the scarf over her head and just shows her face, and then there are other women who are not covered, so you do have a choice.

Egyptian women do not cover themselves because they are forced to by their religion.

They’re doing it out of what they believe in their religion.

The oldest sister covers her whole face, except the eyes because she is very traditional, and she’s very religious, and that’s her choice.

She says it’s the most freeing thing, which is so crazy to hear. It’s the most freeing thing for a woman because she is freed to be treated respectfully, not because of how she looks, not because she has big boobs, or not because she has a big butt, or a small waist, whatever we paint in American society to be a beautiful woman. The curves and the boobs are NOT shown so the woman can be RESPECTED for what she KNOWS and what she can contribute.

All the beautiful eye makeup we have in America. All the sexy fashion would seem silly here in this culture.

These women don’t have to do any of that. They get to know other men and to eventually be in a relationship solely because they love who they are in essence, how God created us in our souls.

“Now I can really be respected as an educated woman. I don’t have to wonder when I go into my university if that guy is looking at me. We can all focus 100% on our studies, and we can all treat each other equally.”

I was just amazed by that answer.

The moral of the story is maybe learning about all the cultures and how they lead their way, can be better than how we’re leading our way.

Maybe neither is “better” but just different and we must learn to respect the different views cultures have around women.

My Egyptian adventure continues SOON.


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