The story of the BENT Pyramid in Egypt. | Didi Wong | Travel VLOG #KeepSmiling

My #Egypt adventure continues with the story of the BENT Pyramid…


I’m about to walk away from the Bent Pyramid. As I walk away, you’ll get to see it. It is very cool. Today is March 2020, the 6th. I’m in Cairo, Egypt, my first day ever to see a pyramid live in front of me. Not many people here. It’s very windy.
This is a very interesting story about this pyramid. So, the architect was told by the King to build a pyramid at 45 degrees. So, he started building the pyramid and halfway up he realizes that he actually built a 55-degree pyramid. And then he actually had to continue and make it back to 45. And that is the story of why this bent pyramid looks like this.

Very cool, right? So you see how half of it looks much bigger. And then up top, it goes back up to a smaller one.

We went all the way to the corner. It’s built of limestone apparently.

So cool, I’m in Egypt.

Keep knowing that we WILL get back to travel.
I wanted to share this so you can ALL come with me and use your imagination while we are all stuck at home.

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